With 2017 coming to a close, GHR’s annual conference prepares to face 2018 full steam ahead.  With the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress and World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress rebrand under the Healthcare REvolution Conference,  2018’s agenda will expose the revolutionary ideas that come from the Evolution of our industries.

25 thought-provoking Summits led by industry visionaries, an inspiring IGNITE (TED-style) track, Brain Exchange Forums and Think Tanks made up of collective change agents, together bring to the forefront the most disruptive ideas, strategies, technology and products that will pulverize the current healthcare landscape, accelerate the healthcare at remarkable speeds and completely redefine the word innovation.

2018 Agenda coming soon.

07:00 - 18:00
The Early Bird Catches the Worm – Registration Open

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07:45 - 08:50
Opening Remarks – Healthcare Revolution: Disruptive Innovators Live Here
08:00 - 18:00
Get Certified! – Certified Medical Tourism Professional® (CMTP)

The CMTP Workshop is a comprehensive body of knowledge that covers core competencies required of individual professionals in various roles in the Medical Tourism and Medical Travel Industry. Through an online exam, participants will have the opportunity to earn the CMTP Professional Designation after covering the 9 core modules of the workshop. Upon passing the CMTP exam and earning the CMTP Designation, participants will be awarded a 3 Year Designation and complimentary individual MTA membership. Both benefits will provide ongoing education resources and individual discounts.   Learn More

15:45 - 16:05
The True Value in Concierge Health (Power Session)
18:30 - 08:30
Global Healthcare Accreditation – Dinner (Invitation Only)

Venue  –  Luxe City, Center Hotel

12:00 - 12:50
Connecting the Dots: How to Utilize a Smart Surgical Network to Improve Quality & Save Big on Surgical Costs

Beginning with a real-life case study, we will not only show the savings, but more importantly, HOW the provider network, HR Director, and TPA work together to structure a plan for the Smart Surgical network to succeed.  In this session, a panel of forward thinking experts will share:

  • What is a Smart Surgical Network?
  • Facilities close to employees
  • Top-tier, fellowship trained surgeons with 10+ years’ experience
  • Bundled fee for surgical episode of care
  • Surgeon, pre-op, post-op visits, facility, anesthesia, all inclusive
  • How does an HR Director structure the plan?
  • Plan Document, payment options
  • Educating employees—zero out of pocket
  • How does the TPA manage claims?
  • Application of deductible
  • Out of network processing
  • An Employer Case Study –ICON Health and Fitness
15:00 - 18:00
Global Healthcare Accreditation – Board Meeting
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