Global Women’s Leadership Summit

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We neglect the source of our strength – which lies within to focus our energies on taking care of others, however, as women, we can embrace our relentless drive to stay ahead of the curve. As we anticipate complex challenges and unleash our creativity, ingenuity and visionary thinking we must put our own well-being first to succeed.

How does leadership manifest itself in the workplace and the home? As women imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect and then work every day toward that distant vision, that goal or purpose

Join us for an inspiring event where you will be in the presence of power. Through interactive discussions and engaging networking activities, the Global Women’s Leadership Summit will have you leaving transformed, energized and empowered!

Summit Highlights Include:

  • Women, representing all phases of life, sharing experiences that transformed their foundation with resilience and growth
  • Influential, high profile speakers who have excelled in leadership positions
  • Experienced business experts & coaches lead discussions on how achieving your goal in the workplace and in life
  • Informative fireside chats from women sharing strategies for success
  • Collaborative discussions and networking activities to with other accomplished women leadership
  • Practical strategies for conquering the ongoing quest for work-life balance