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The Corporate Health & Wellness Association® in partnership with Corporate Wellness Magazine® is excited to launch the 3rd edition of our well-being awards this October 28-30 in Orlando, Florida at our annual convention, HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® (formerly the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress). Building, improving, and engaging teams of employees and championship within a corporate wellness program is not an easy task. Today, it’s even harder to create a culture of well-being with so many options and methods of delivery. Behind every successful well-being program are wellness leaders and champions that deserve to be recognized for their passion and delivery of change in their respective organizations.

Take 5 minutes and nominate yourself or another as a Wellness Leader or Well-Being Champion. You may apply for more than one category.

Brand Exposure

Each of our award winners will be featured in our magazines, presented to our network of over 1.26+ million members in LinkedIn (reaching over 2+ million B2B and B2G leaders and decision makers), and recognized on HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION website.


As part of this network of innovators, each winner will receive an award and a logo designation to put on their website. Executives of winning companies will be considered for speaking opportunities at GHR events and the opportunity to host GHR educational events at your innovative company location.

Attract & Retain Talent and Clients

Recognition as being one of the most innovative companies will help you retain and recruit top talent and be an attractive selling point for to retain and acquire new clients.

Fundraising & Market Advantage

Use the recognition of receiving the award to boost efforts raising investment or M&A’s and to help your sales and marketing initiatives.

A Letter From The Founders

After 10 years of helping and watching entrepreneurs and startups land their dream clients, pilots or investments through our ecosystem of magazines, events and networks, we decided it was time to shake up and disrupt the industry. With over 2.6 million B2B and B2G leaders in our network in healthcare, insurance and wellness we have decided to scour through tens of thousands of companies, using industry leaders to identify the most innovative companies and professionals who are on the cutting edge of their industries. Launching the first Innovation Awards provides opportunity for disruptors, entrepreneurs and dream weavers to present themselves to Global Healthcare Resources network of the leading employers, hospitals, insurance companies, investors and governments in the US and from around the world.

True innovation is difficult and often rare to deliver. Today, innovation and disruption requires dedication, risk taking, resilience, and speed to be first to market. Even if you achieve the miracle and create something truly disruptive, it is almost impossible to get noticed and to break through the white noise and distractions that consumes the industry every day.

Innovation and disruption are more important than ever with all the challenges in rising healthcare costs, lack of engagement of employees, boring employee benefits, culture fatigue, problems with presenteeism, absenteeism and attracting the best talent. Organizations are tired of maintaining the status quo with few creative options and many understand the need to stay in perpetual motion just to stay relevant and to attract the next generation of dedicated employees.

At Global Healthcare Resources and HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION we understand that what defines “innovation” and “disruption” is constantly changing. What was innovative or disruptive 2 years ago, 1 year ago or even 6 months ago, may not be today. We are always evolving. In order to get anyone’s attention, something needs to be special, revolutionary, and the criteria is changing every day and the bar rising. We polled our network, asking hundreds of leaders to recommend and identify new sources for innovation.

Jonathan Edelheit, JD

Chairman and Co-founder, Global Healthcare Resources

Renée-Marie Stephano, JD

CEO and Founder,Global Healthcare Resources

Well-being 100 Award Categories

Financial Well-being
Employee Engagement
Positive Corporate Culture
Well-being Technology
Talent Attraction
Obesity Prevention & Reduction
Smoking Cessation
Disease Prevention & Management
Disease Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Onsite Clinics
Health Screenings
Addiction Solutions
Spirituality & Purpose Programs
Sleep Health
Reduction of Absenteeism
Productivity Enhancement Strategies
Increasing Presenteeism
Employee Retention
Global Wellness: Multinational & Expats
Mental Health
Stress & Resilience

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Apply to be Recognized?

Above, we breakdown four great reasons why you'd want to take part in this award. In summary, you'll get yourself and your company recognized for your hard work and passion. Your company can utilize the award to generate pride amongst your current employees and customers as well as attracting new talent and clients based upon your recognition and dedication to well-being at a time when recruitment is one of the most important employer concerns. Individually, you should be recognized and allow the award to be a catalyst in your career.

How are Employers and Individuals Selected?

The team of professionals at Global Healthcare Resources, including its founders, will evaluate candidates based upon a number of criteria. Such criteria may include things such as the impact the nominee has had internally on its own company, the impact on the nominee's industry, and the impact on the nominee's community. Other criteria evaluated may be related to business KPI's such as profits and savings.

What Does it Cost to Participate?

It does not cost anything to apply or to participate. Winners will be provided a complementary pass ($2,000 value) to HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® (previously Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress).

When is the Deadline to Apply or Nominate Someone?

The application window closes September 14, 2018.

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