The Self Funding Conference® is your reliable source for trends and innovations in self-insurance and claims management. For the seventh year in a row, the Self Funding Employers Association (SFEA), an employer-based non-profit trade association focused on self-insurance and workers compensation, is proud to bring you the premiere event in the industry. The Self Funding Conference® is the leader in providing employer case studies that address the key pros and cons and best practices in self-funding insurance.


The Growth of Self Funding

Over the last decade, more and more employers have been moving away from offering group health insurance to their employees and instead, self-funding their medical plans. When companies become self-funded, they assume the majority of the financial risk of providing health benefits to employees. Instead of paying premiums to a large insurance company, they pay claims filed by employees and healthcare providers.

The self-funding industry has seen growth since the passing of the Affordable Care Act. Companies can avoid many provisions in the law by insuring their own employees, rather than signing up with commercial insurance companies. Companies also retain more of their healthcare data, which is essential to creating an efficient wellness program.


  • Access to over 100 influential speakers including leading employer groups sharing insights into innovations in self-funding and benefit plan design
  • Over 10 successful employer case studies in self-funding
  • Complete the Self Insurance Certified Specialist® (SICS) certification program live-in person, and ask the instructors questions
  • Earn up to 14 SPHR re-certification credits and 12 continuing education credits for licensed insurance professionals with content approved in all 50 States


 Some of our past speaker faculty include:



“The speakers are leading employer groups that are really paving the way in employee benefits.  I was blown away by the variety of topics being covered and the high caliber speakers featured!”

-Michael Susi, Global Wellness ManagerLinkedIn

Did You Know?

  • 17% of covered employees at small companies and 83% of employees at large companies are enrolled in some form of self-funded plan, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Furthermore, 63% of all covered employees are covered by either a partially or fully self-funded health plan.

According to a study by Munich Health North America, a subsidiary of reinsurer Munich Re, 82 percent of the 326 industry executives surveyed, have seen an increasing interest among employers to self-fund their group health insurance plans over the past 12 months, with nearly one-third saying that interest has increased “significantly.”

The survey also found that nearly 70 percent of health insurance organizations plan to grow their self-funding portfolios over the next year. It is more important now than ever before for employers to consider the options available to them to help reduce employee health claims and better manage their overall healthcare costs.

Historically larger corporations primarily were becoming self funded. The ACA created powerful incentives for smaller employers to self-insure and as a result, we’ve seen a growing trend of smaller and mid-sized employers now opting out of the regular health insurance market to avoid the minimum coverage standards established under the ACA.

Sixteen percent of covered workers at small firms (3-199 workers) and 83% of covered workers at larger firms are enrolled in plans which are either partially or completely self-funded. Six percent of firms offering fully insured plans report that they intend to self-insure because of the ACA.

Employee Benefit Research Institute found that about 59 percent of private sector workers with health coverage were in self-insured plans in 2011, up from 41 percent in 1998.


  • ACA’s Effect on Self-Funded Plans
  • Innovative Plan Design
  • Captives
  • Narrow Networks
  • Workers Compensation
  • Specialty Pharmacy Benefits
  • Stop-loss Insurance
  • Value-Based Benefits
  • Cost Containment & Cost Strategy Methods
  • Utilization of Care

The Self Funding Conference® is fully integrated with the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC), one of the largest employee benefits and healthcare events in the world. 

The EHBC’s mission is simple. We provide intense, advanced education through successful and practical case studies presented by the world’s leading healthcare and insurance experts. As an innovative and passionate industry leader, our pursuit is to energize opportunity and increase professional advancement.

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