October 28-30, 2018 | Orlando Convention Center

The field of genomics and precision medicine is set to alter the foundation of how we administer healthcare. By examining an individual’s genome, we create customized medical plans tailor made for them. This is a solution for real engagement, beyond health and wellness by creating informed healthcare consumers with detailed information about their unique health.

Advances in genomic testing have lowered the cost of genomic testing so that is affordable for everyone. This has led to an awakening of the potential of genetic information. Using your DNA we can determine what medications are most effective for you, what the ideal dosage is, and what conditions – if any – you are predisposed to. These advances will make modern diagnosing look like a guessing game.

Yet, many genomic companies are having difficulty procuring enough samples to create a diverse dataset.

In an effort to help advance this exciting field, and bridge the gap between genomic companies and providers, the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress and World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress are excited to bring you a unique conference experience: Healthcare Revolution – The Precision Medicine Conference.

This day and a half event – continently taking place as part of the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress and World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Orlando, Fl – will bring together 75 to 100 VIPs from the genomic and employer healthcare industries to educate and introduce both sides to the benefits of working with the other. Employers can provide genetic tests for their employee population that will improve the healthcare employees receive while reducing their healthcare costs overall via improved predictive power. Genomics companies get access to large employers to provide their services and improve the data they collect and warehouse.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet and network with VIPs from other employer or genomic companies in order to begin their collaboration right away!

Attendees to the Healthcare Revolution – The Precision Medicine Conference will discover:

• An overview of the genomics industry

• How genomics will affect the healthcare delivery system.

• How including a genomic testing benefit can improve employee health and wellness and lower healthcare costs

• How to approach and pitch genomic testing to large employers

Space is limited, so be sure to register for Healthcare Revolution – The Precision Medicine Conference today!

Preliminary Agenda

Introduction & Opening Keynote

  • Introduction of Conference Agenda & Speakers
    • Jonathan Edelheit, JD – Founder, CEO of GHR and Healthcare Revolution
    • Rob Shestack, Chairman & CEO – Voluntary Benefits Association
  • Opening Keynote – Future of Genomics and Payers

Session 1 - Legal and Compliance Considerations

While genomics may be a new science, there are already a number of rules and regulations effecting the industry. This session will cover the legal and compliance issues to consider before utilizing genomic testing, including possible repercussions from The MIB Group GINA and HIPAA. Attendees will learn:

  • The impact genetic testing will have on MIB data
  • Possible negative implications in future coverage or policy restrictions and limitations
  • Can genetic testing results be used for pre-ex limitations?

Session 2 - Future of Technology and Precision Medicine

Technology has become a crucial part of any business operation, from communication to health and wellness. This session will look into the future to examine the possibilities to come from precision medicine and how they will influence engagement and analytics. This session will also examine the integration of precision medicine into the technology employers are already using.

Session 3 - Future of Genomics with Health Insurance and Employer Funded Healthcare

This session will examine how genomics will influence health insurance carriers and self-funded healthcare. From improve drug efficiency from pharmacogenomics, to improve cancer diagnosis and response, genomics will change how medicine is conducted. Rather than spending time and resources discovering the ideal medicine for an individual, genomic testing can determine the proper prescription quickly and affordably. Attendees to this session will learn:

  • Medical genomics
  • Pharmacogenomics (PGx)
  • Cancer genomics (CGx)
  • Heart health and other applications within with payer and employer healthcare space

Session 4 - Genetic Testing for Wellness Programs Applicability

Worksite wellness programs have long been a crucial tool in improving employee health and keeping healthcare costs down, but the introduction of genomic testing can target these programs to meet an employee’s individual needs including data on what foods an employee should eat or avoid, and a profile determining the optimal exercises to burn the most calories. Wellness programs with genomic testing will make modern programs look like they were operating from the dark ages. Attendees to this session will learn:

  • How genomic testing can take health risk assessments to the next level, if not outright replacing them
  • What employers can do, and will do, with the data they collect.
  • How genomics can boost wellness ROI by improving wellness program participation, engagement and outcomes
  • The genetic guidance empowering employees to make positive behavior changes impacting their health

Session 5 - Employer and Payers Objections and Challenges to Genomic Testing and Precision Medicine

This panel of national employers will feature an open and honest discussion about the challenges of genomic testing.  As employers make use of genomic testing and receive more data about their employees, they could potentially open themselves up to claims of “big brother.” This session will address employer privacy concerns, as well as concerns with genomic testing’s reliability, probability, liability and reporting requirements.

Session 6 – Employee Objections and Challenges to Genomic Testing and Precision Medicine

This diverse panel consisting of various individuals from genomic companies will answer audience questions and concerns regarding the rise and proliferation of genomic testing. While genomics presents a future of more effective medicine, many employees are wary of their employers having their genetic information. Although GINA prohibits genetic information from being used to make employment and health insurance decisions, employers will still need to overcome employee anxiety when it comes to their privacy.

Session 7 - Generational Genomics

With four generations currently active in the workforce – Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1979), Millennials (1980-2000) and the iGeneration (2000+) – the average workplace is more age diverse than it has ever been. Just like wellness professionals and benefits brokers need to account for the generation of the individual they are trying to engage, so to do genomic companies. This session will cover:

  • What utilization and adoption of precision medicine look like among the various generations
  • How each generation should be engaged and educated
  • What genomic companies, employers, insurers and providers need to consider when engaging the generations

Session 8 - Medical Carrier/Health Insurers Adoption of Precision Medicine and Genomics

This panel discussion will features key industry players representing carriers from both major medical and voluntary insurance providers. In this free flowing conversation, topics will range from how carriers will use this data to improve the services they offer to how voluntary benefits can take advantage of the growth of genomics. Genomics will change more than just medicine, but the insurance industry as well. Knowing what carriers are thinking is crucial to planning for the future.

Session 9 - Benefits Brokers and Genomics – The missing puzzle piece

This roundtable conversation will feature three to five top national brokers – such as Mercer, Aon, Willis Towers Watson, HUB, and USI – to discuss genomics from a broker perspective.  Topics of discussion will include:

  • Insights, opinions and objections.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly in term of adoption amongst their employer clients
  • Enrollment and engagement strategies
  • Effective employer and employees communication

Session 10 - Self funded Employers and Genomics

Perhaps no other industry will be affected by genomics then self funded employers. Self funded insurance plans are always looking to acquire new data to improve the effectiveness of their benefit offerings, and genomics provides no better look at the health of all individual plan members.

  • Self-funded employers and Genomics
  • Genomics effect on stop loss carriers, MGAs, MGUs
  • PGx and CGx testing applications to premium discounts
  • Genomics influence on medical, prescription drug, cancer and specialty pharmacy claims.

Session 11 - Voluntary Benefits and Genomics

Genomics will have a strong effect on how voluntary benefits carriers issue and underwrite their products like life insurance, cancer insurance, critical illness and more. This session will cover how these changes could play out as well as the possibility of including genomic testing as a voluntary benefit and covered procedure.

Session 12 - Employer Adoption of Precision Medicine in Cancer

Cancer has always been one of the most costly conditions for group health plans, in terms of both the cost to employee’s lives as well as the cost of cancer procedure and medicines themselves. Genomics however, can help manages these costs by both catching cancer early and providing a list of the medicines that will work best for the individual. Discover how genomics will change how cancer is diagnosed and treated.

Session 13 - C- Suite Fireside Chat – Crossing the Line

The senior leaders in Genomics and Insurance will discuss the future of Genomics.

For more information on getting involved in this event please contact Jonathan Edelheit